Track Your Craigslist Job Ads

Measure Effectiveness And Maximize Applicants

If you're posting ads to recruit Truck Drivers, Realtors, Sales Reps, or any other jobs on Craigslist, you need to track to see how well your ads work and how much traffic they receive.
• Track ad views • Clickthrough rate
• Application page visits • Conversion rate
Simply copy and paste a small tracking code into your posting body as shown here.
You'll know when someone views your ad and when they click on links inside.
Also use our built-in application forms to increase applicants

8 Reasons To Track

#1. Measure advertising effectiveness and return on investment (ROI)
#2. Know the best days of the week to post when the most people are looking on craigslist
#3. Know the best times during the day to post to maximize ad views before your post is buried under new posts
#4. Know which job posting titles are viewed the most so you can use them over and over again
#5. Know which job descriptions receive the most clicks to apply so you can reuse them
#6. Know the posting locations that receive the most applicants so you can post more there
#7. Know how often to post to keep the the traffic flowing and applications coming in
#8. Use our built-in application forms to attract the best candidates and increase conversions

It costs money to post jobs on craigslist. Wouldn't you like to know if your money is well spent?



Track Views

Is your post live and showing up in search results?

You'll see if anyone has viewed it, the specific date and time, the viewer's IP address, and their browsing location

Track Clickthrus

They viewed your post but didn't click to apply?

You'll see the number of viewers vs clickers and you'll know if your job is exciting enough for them to click again

Track Applicants

They clicked the apply link but didn't submit an application?

You'll see the number of clickers vs submitters and you'll know if you have to test different application forms

Smart advertisers test different ads to determine what works
Test posting on different days and times to see when you receive the most traffic
Test different posting titles to see which ones result in the most views
Test different posting descriptions to see which ones receive the most clicks to apply
Test different application forms to see which ones convert the most
Let the tracking metrics show you objectively what works

How It Works

  • 1 Generate a unique tracking code for each job
    Add new job

    Tracking code generated

  • 2 Copy and paste the tracking code into your craigslist posting body
    Post on craigslist

    Use text, buttons or images as your click action. Buttons and images tend to drive more clicks.

  • 3 Craigsvue will start tracking after your ad is submitted
    - You'll know when the ad is viewed
    - When they click the button (or link, or image) inside
    - And when they submit an application

Maximize applicants with our built-in application forms

If you simply ask for resumes or provide a phone number to call in your Craigslist job ads, you may receive hundreds to thousands of them that you have to manually sort through. This can be quite overwhelming and painful.

The best approach is to use a job application form that allows you to gather information from applicants in bits so you can sort and compare them easily to find the candidates that fit best.

This form covers essential personal data and information to help make a hiring decision.

Verify Applicant Contact Info

You can also break down your application form into multiple steps that require applicants to jump through a few hoops in order to apply.

This will help weed out the unqualified candidates and encourage the most qualified and diligent people to apply.

The weeding out process can be as simple as automatic phone and email verifications where applicants are required to verify their contact info before they can submit an application.

Simple Pricing

No contracts. Cancel, upgrade or downgrade anytime.
Save 20% on Yearly payments


$99 / mo

  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Unlimited Applicants
  • 3-5 Users
  • Email Support


$59 / mo

  • 150 Job Postings
  • 1,200 Applicants
  • 2 Users
  • Email Support


$29 / mo

  • 30 Job Postings
  • 500 Applicants
  • 1 User
  • Email Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • 1 How many craigslist accounts are allowed?
    We do not limit you by the number of craigslist accounts. But you'll need to choose a pricing plan based on the number of jobs posted from however many CL accounts used.
  • 2 Can I use 1 tracker in multiple job postings?
    We highly recommed you create a unique tracker for each job to make it easy to understand the tracking reports and metrics. For instance, you could post the same job positions but with different posting titles in order to see which one attracts the most clicks and applicants. If you were to use the same tracking code in each job posted, it would be hard to tell them apart when looking at the reports. But using unique trackers will make comparing results much easier.
  • 3 Can I track other posting categories on craigslist?
    Unfortunately craigslist only allows html links used in tracking in the paid job posting categories and it won't work in other areas of the site.
  • 4 Can I track other jobs posted on other websites?
    Yes you may use our trackers on other posting sites as long as the site allows you to post html links. If you are unsure, please send us the website and we'll check and let you know.